Do your bit!


Developing the Finnish Scout Programme

The Scout Programme is meant to be a tool for all scouts and therefore it is vital that should be able to participate in it’s development. Below are listed some ways you can take part.

Suggestion tip
Any good tips on how to execute some activity? Please share your ideas at the bottom of the page for the activity in question! After we have reviewed and possbily edited your tip it will be share to others to enjoy.

Ideas for larger improvements?
Does some activity not make sense at all? What challenges of youth and childhood are we not responding to yet? Please email your ideas to

Translate parts of the Programme in to saami, english, somali or russian?
Do you want to start translating the Scout Programme into new languages? We technically support several languages, but lack the people to do the translations! If you are interested please contact Project Manager Mikko Pöri ( so that you will get a briefing and the credentials for the work.