Remote scouting - Trackers

Week 12 Common rules for the exceptional time

Task of the Adult Support

The Adult Support contacts the Trackers and their guardians and informs them about the Scout Guidelines. The Adult Support informs the guardians that as an adult, together with a group leader, they are interested in arranging scouting activities despite the exceptional circumstances and are interested in opinions from the youth and adults on how to arrange these activities.

The Adult Support supports the explorer-aged group leader in planning and carrying out the activities.


The group, together with the Adult Support and the group leader, agrees on the practices for during the pause and makes an action plan to adapt the youth programme. The Trackers understand that the youth programme is paused in order to slow down the spreading of the virus.


The Adult Support starts aiding the group leader with working on an action plan together with the Trackers, and the group agrees on which communication channel to use and how (Do all the Trackers have a smartphone?). The Trackers are given an opportunity to discuss the situation and the feelings it evokes and share them with the members of the group. It is important, that everyone’s feelings are heard and valued.

Action Tips

Communication Channel: The group sets up a group chat on the communication channel of their choice, if they don’t already have one.

Voice message: The Adult Support and/or the group leader can send a greeting to the Trackers after a joint discussion. The greeting can be e.g. a voice message, a video message or a letter.

The Adult Support and/or the group leader can also send instructions for activities that can be implemented at home alone or without close contact with a friend or the group.

Who to consider? The group works out examples of the loved ones of the Trackers: a friend, parents, grandparents, the neighbor’s dog. Each loved one is written on their own note and attached to a wall. The group leader names different kinds of situations, for example “District competition falls on Mother’s Day. Can I go to the competition?” or “My friend and my father share a birthday, which party should I go to?” and the Trackers choose who to consider in each situation. The Trackers should also rationalize their choices with few words. The Adult Support can join the discussion about why you can’t always pick the most convenient option. Why is it important to visit the grandparents, even if it is boring? The same game can be played from an information point of view. Who needs to be notified about a competition? How about not being able to participate? (This tip can be implemented in “Kaupunki-tarpon Suhde itseen: Tunteet haltuun” activity)

The Trackers draw an outline of a person on a piece of paper. The Trackers write the following feelings on the human figure, in the locations they think they are felt in: love, sorrow, tiredness, joy, anger, curiosity, pride, surprise, fear, embarrassment, disgust. Why is the feeling felt there? Can a feeling be felt in multiple locations? Can a feeling be felt in different locations by different people? (This tip can be implemented in “Kaupunki-tarpon Suhde itseen: Tunteet haltuun” activity)


Week 13: #Connect2Earth

Task of the Adult Support

The Adult Support tells the Trackers about the international Earth Hour event which gives everyone an opportunity to protect the environment and contain the climate change. The Adult Support encourages the Trackers towards active citizenship and gives examples of other international events such as climate strike and influencing the Scout organization, such as scout initiative.


The Trackers participate in the biggest climate event of the world, organised by the WWF, and understand the purpose of this symbolic gesture.  The Trackers know participation is a way to be influential and know about different ways to participate. The Trackers get a positive experience of participating and influencing.


The Trackers participate in the Earth Hour event on Saturday 28th March at 8.30pm – 9.30pm by switching off all but the necessary lights. The Adult Support encourages the Trackers to challenge their whole family and friends to join in the event. The Trackers familiarize themselves with the scout initiative and together design an initiative for regional, national and international development.

Action Tips

WWF tips: The Adult Support, up front or together with the group, reviews the Earth Hour ideas and tips in the campaign webpage. The group selects the most suitable activities and guides the Trackers with the activities.

Digital Scout Initiative: The group gets to know Digital Scout Initiative system. The initiative system should be ready by March. If leaving an initiative is not yet possible while working on the activity, the group can discuss up front about what kind of things they could make initiatives about. Once the system is ready, the group implements making the initiative. (This tip is suitable for “Yhteiskunta-tarpo Influencing” -activity)

Own influence: The Trackers ponder the following questions in groups with the help of the Adult Support or group leaders: What can I influence in my own life? What sorts of things are you unable to change? The Trackers can write down their thoughts e.g with a padlet in two columns: “can change” and “cannot change”. Afterwards the Trackers think for themselves what they would like to change. Someone might want to change something about themselves, something at school, society or scout organization. When everyone has come up with something they would want to change, the group goes through the answers together.   The group makes an action plan with the necessary steps to make the change. If for example someone thinks the school toilets are dirty and disgusting, the action plan could be the following: 1. I find out if the others agree. I ask for opinions from my friends and other students. 2. I write down what kind of toilets I would want. For instance, nicely painted, cleaner and so on. 3. I find out about the costs to make the change. 4. I write an initiative to the student union which can bring the initiative to the school board. If several Trackers have been thinking about the same issues, they can try to change it together. The leader encourages all the Trackers to follow through with their plans and follows up the progress later. (This tip is suitable for “Yhteiskunta-tarpo Influencing” -activity)

Leiri-tarpo Silence-activity can be united with the Earth Hour event. The group members look for their own spots in the nature, where they retreat to meditate for 30-60 minutes. The Trackers are instructed to find their own place where to spend time wondering about the nature. The group agrees on a time when everyone returns to the connection. Afterwards it is good to discuss the feelings of being alone, for example over a virtual evening campfire. This often requires help from the Adult Support.


Week 14: April Fool’s

Adult support task

Adult support guides and communicates with the Trackers taking into account the instructions Mukavasti yhdessä -ohjeistuksen (We play together – guidance currently only in Finnish) and reminds Trackers to prevent bullying in scouts.


Tracker learns to search for information and evaluates trustworthiness of the info.


Trackers find info from different sources and presents to others what are the factors influencing into trustworthiness of the information.


Action tips

False and true information: Group chooses a topic, for instance Apil fool’s, Corona virus or Scout. Trackers search for information about the topic from social media, newspapers and other sources. What are the crucial factors determining whether the info is valid? Which elements are clearly showing the data to be false? (Media critic activity is suitable for this task Mediakriittisyys –aktiviteetti link is currently only in Finnish.)

Best pranks: The group shares their own experience over best April fool’s pranks. Trackers consider how can one determine a lie. What pranks have you done? What type of April fool’s pranks are found from the newspapers? What about the pranks over the years excecuted in the troop?


Week 15 Awakening of the spring – nature

Task of the Adult Support

The Adult Support and the group leader select the best way for the group to carry out the activity. They instruct the Trackers in a way the chosen implementation requires. They encourage the Trackers during the task with positive messages and compliments.


The Trackers observe nature. They learn to recognize new species of animals and plants.


The Trackers make observation trips to a nearby forest or park. They report about their observations.

Action Tips

Luonto-Liitto Spring Tracking: The Trackers participate in Luonto-Liitto spring tracking. They examine the monitored species and their characteristics. Afterwards they take a trip to a nearby forest or a park. After the trip the trackers report on the species they encountered as instructed in the Spring tracking website.

Excursion from different locations: Each group member goes for an outing at the same time, each to their local forest or park. The Adult Support or the group leader sends the whole group messages about various signs of spring. The task is for the Trackers to find the signs on their own location and send a picture of it to the rest of the group. The fastest Tracker to share their photo gets a point. Who is the species identification master? Whose destination is furthest into the spring? (This tip is suitable for the “Selviytymis-tarpo, In the nature” activity)

Everyman’s rights: The Trackers revise the everyman’s rights. A good source for revision is for example Metsäyhdistys webpage. The Tracker makes a game about what the rights mean and why they are important. The game can be for instance Kahoot, a memory game, a board game or something of the likes. The tracker can also code the game. If the game is immediately divisible to the group, the group can play the game remotely Otherwise the group can play the game later. (This tip is suitable for the “Selviytymis-tarpo, In the nature” activity)