Adventurers (10-12 years old)

Adventurers (10-12 years old)


The adventurer programme is based on cardinal directions. During the Welcome phase, during which you get to know your own adventure patrol and scouting. After the Welcome phase, adventurers move on to complete the main cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. From each cardinal direction, all included activities should be completed. The programme ends with the Moving forward phase.

Each main cardinal direction includes:

  • A couple of dozen activities or things to do.

  • Two excursions.

  • Participation in an adventurer competition or other scout competition event.

  • At least one challenge. The Welcome phase replaces the challenge of the first season.

The basic programme for adventurers lasts two years. In the optional third year, the programme consists of intercardinal directions. The adventurer receives a badge of the Welcome phase, each main and intercardinal direction and each challenge. The conclusion badge of the adventurer programme is a metal compass rose.

The adventurer's activity card can be downloaded and printed in Finnish for use from the following links:

Check out the adventurer leaders guide in finnish here.

Examples of an seasonal plan in Finnish:

The skill cards for wolf cubs and adventurers describe the skills acquired through scouting by an individual or a group. The cards serve as a good platform for discussing what has been learned at each meeting, on an excursion or at a camp. In this way, little by little, one learns not only to notice but also to articulate the knowledge and skills that scouting teaches the child and young person. You can download the skill cards here.

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